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Pressure Group Labels Loving Christians "Haters:" How Do We Preserve Innocence & Purity in Maine?

posted Mar 16, 2012, 2:54 AM by Rev. Michael S. Heath   [ updated Mar 17, 2012, 12:48 AM ]
Gay and Lesbian Advocates And Defenders

In this helpful summary of a homosexual special interest group's "Commentator Accountability Project"  Peter LaBarbera publishes a list of "haters" that includes only one Mainer.   The list is mostly Christian leaders who have been outspoken on homosexual rights.  

Most people would not want their name to appear on a "hate" list.  Not only do I want my name on the list, my name should be on the list -- whether I want it or not.  I've earned it.

Do I want to be on the list because I hate homosexuals?  Obviously, no.  I love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth about sodomy, Christianity and morality.  I've been doing that publicly every way I know how since 1990.

I found the "hate" list interesting.  Many of the leaders on the list have softened their rhetoric dramatically over the years.  They've decided to emphasize a truncated message of "love" over encouraging folks to honestly react to the profoundly evil lie that tells us sodomy and "sexual orientation" are "moral" goods.

I once believed what many on the GLAAD "hate" list, believe.  I thought that we could win this fight by being clever, and primarily pragmatic in our approach.  Staying on the good side of "friendly" Republicans would win the day.  It hasn't worked.  And ... it won't work.

The church needs to do it's job.  The government needs to do it's job.  The two jobs are different.  The church and government are independent of one another.  God is not the government.  That is why the Declaration of Independence teaches that our basic rights to life, liberty and property are given to us by the Creator -- not the government.

There was constant pressure on me when I was leader of the Christian Civic League of Maine not to publicly endorse and support people like Terry Hughes.  Terry's autobiography is aptly titled "Ice Man."  He recently retired from the University of Maine at Orono.  He taught about glaciers.  You might think that is why he calls himself "Ice Man."  I haven't read the book yet, but I know the title is accurate not just because of the subject matter of his professorship at UMO.  

Terry is the most courageous and disciplined pro-life man I've ever met.  In the face of persecution his demeanor turns to ice.  Like water when it freezes persecution makes Terry hard as a rock that reflects the glory of the son.

For all the years I knew him he would appear faithfully once a week in the student union at UMO with a poster nearly as tall as himself.  The poster depicted a dismembered dead baby in full color.  The baby was a victim of abortion.  That baby has nearly 60 million brothers and sisters in it's fraternity of horror.  Legalized abortion binds those precious souls together as the innocent victims of a pogrom against life that now totals nearly 10 times the number of people killed in Germany's holocaust.

I regret to say that I never took time to go and stand at his side.

Terry represents something very important to me in this fight -- courage and responsibility.  He took his marching orders from his principles, from Jesus.

Marketers, pollsters, lawyers and accountants are the modern priests of the church.  The guy in the pulpit is, in many cases, a puppet.  His puppet strings are attached to evil forces in a culture that has made up it's mind through politics that innocent babies can be killed, sodomy makes a marriage, the constitution is irrelevant and Obama knows best.

When I resigned from the League in 2009 Maine was just six weeks away from voting on the latest iteration of sexual orientation theory.  The media has popularized the idea as "same sex marriage."  Voters narrowly rejected the proposal at the polls, thank God.

Now the issue is back again and will appear on this November's ballot.

In 2009 national evangelical groups came together under the banner of the "National Organization for Marriage" with Catholics and Mormons.  They raised and spent more money in that one campaign than we were able to raise in four previous campaigns on "gay rights" combined.   Even with all that we barely won.

Their message purposely downplayed the evil essence of homosexuality and sodomy.  They tried to sugarcoat the message.  It barely worked then.  It isn't going to work this time.

Maine's Roman Catholic Bishop announced recently that he is going to limit his work on this issue this year to Roman Catholics only.  He says he is going to educate them about marriage.

It is sad to think that Maine has descended to the place where a man like the Bishop of Portland is not welcome into Maine's public square to honestly defend the institution of civil marriage.  The legal right of Christians to speak their mind is under attack.  Add this development to the list.

Our public message needs to be the same as our message from the pulpit.  The homosexual agenda is perverted because that's what the Bible calls it.

Paul the Apostle wrote in Romans, "Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."  If the Bible calls this a perversion, so should we.  And we should campaign knowing and feeling it is a perversion -- down to the marrow of our bones.

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